Prof Andy Wheeler

Prof Andy Wheeler

Professor of Geology
Head of School
Co-PI Marine Spoke, Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG)

Contact: | +353 490 4577


Prof. Wheeler is Head of the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Professor of Geology, co-PI  in the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG) and a member of the Royal Irish Academy Geosciences & Geographical Sciences Committee.

Research activities include marine geology with an emphasis on benthic boundary layer sedimentary processes, offshore Quaternary geology, seabed mapping (SSS, MBES, ROVs). and ocean exploration. Prof. Wheeler has a special focus on the geology of deep-water coral carbonate mounds, continental margins (canyons, contourites and slides) as well as shelf-sea sediment transport processes, especially in the Irish Sea. Prof. Wheeler has expertise in geophysical processing and core analysis (especially PSA) and collaborates with biologists (habitat mapping), GIS experts,  offshore renewable energy providers and marine spatial planners.

Prof. Wheeler has strong links to the ERI and MaREI in UCC.

Recent publications
Summers, G.; Lim, A.; Wheeler, A.J. A Scalable, Supervised Classification of Seabed Sediment Waves Using an Object-Based Image Analysis Approach. Remote Sens. (2021), 13, 2317.
Wheeler, A.J., Lim, A., Butschek, F., O’Reilly, L. & O’Driscoll, P. (2021). The “Little MonSta” deep-sea benthic, precision deployable, multi-sensor and sampling lander array. Sensors, 213355. doi: 10.3390/s21103355
Price, D.M., Lim, A., Callaway, A., Wheeler, A.J., Lo Iacono, C., Jensen, A. & Huvenne, V.A.I. (2021). Fine-scale heterogeneity of a cold-water coral reef structure and its influence on the distribution of associated taxa. Frontiers in Marine Science. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2021.556313 
De Oliveira, L.M., Lim, A., Conti, L.A. & Wheeler, A.J. (2021). 3D classification of cold-water coral reefs: A comparison of classification techniques for 3D reconstructions of cold-water coral reefs and seabed. Frontiers in Marine Science. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2021.640713
Lim, A., Wheeler, A.J., Conti, L.A. (2021). Cold-water coral habitat mapping: trends and developments in acquisition and processing methods. Geosciences. doi: 10.3390/geosciences11010009
Appah, J.K.M., Lim, A., Harris, K., O’Riordan, R., O’Reilly, L. and Wheeler, A.J., (2020). Are non-reef habitats as important to benthic diversity and composition as coral reef and rubble habitats in submarine canyons? Analysis of controls on benthic megafauna distribution in the Porcupine Bank Canyon, NE Atlantic. Frontiers in Marine Science.
Barrett, N.J., Hogan, R.I., Allcock, A.L., Molodtsova, T., Hopkins, K., Wheeler, A.J. & Yesson, C. (2020). Phylogenetics and mitogenome organisation in black corals (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Antipatharia): An order wide survey inferred from complete antipatharian mitochondrial genomes. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7:440. 
Coughlan, M., Tóth, Z. Van Landeghem, K., McCarron, S. & Wheeler, A.J. (2020)Formational history of the Wicklow Trough: a marine transgressed tunnel valley revealing ice flow velocity and retreat rates for the largest ice stream draining the late-Devensian British-Irish Ice Sheet.Journal of Quaternary Science, 35,907-919.ISSN 02678179. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.3234
Fentimen, R, Lim, A., Foubert, A, Ruggesberg, A., Wheeler, A.J., Van Rooij, D. & Foubert, A. (2020). Impact of bottom currents on benthic foraminiferal assemblages in a cold-water coral environment: the Moira Mounds (NE Atlantic). Marine Micropalaeontology, 154,101799.
Lim, A., Wheeler, A.J., Price, D., O’Reilly, L., Harris, K. & Conti, C. (2020). Influence of benthic currents on cold-water coral habitats in the upper Porcupine Bank Canyon, NE Atlantic: a combined benthic monitoring and 3D photogrammetric investigation.NatureScience Reports(2020) 10:19433.
Peters, J.L., Benetti, S., Dunlop, P. & Wheeler, A.J. (2020). Sedimentary and foraminiferal records of Late Quaternary environmental change west of Ireland and implications for the last British-Irish Ice Sheet. Journal of Quaternary Science.
Peters, J.J., Butschek, F., O’Connell, R., Cummins, V., Murphy, J. & Wheeler, A.J. (2020). Geological seabed stability model for informing Irish offshore renewable energy opportunities. Advances in Geosciences,54,55-56. ISSN 1680-7340
Peters, J.L., Remmers, T., Wheeler, A.J., Murphy, J. & Cummins, V. (2020). A systematic review and meta-analysis of GIS use to reveal trends in offshore wind energy research and offer insights on best practices. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,
Tóth, Z., McCarron, S., Wheeler, A.J., Wenau, S., Davis, S., Lim, A. & Spiess, V. (2020). Geomorphological and seismostratigraphic evidence for multidirectional polyphase glaciation of the northern Celtic Sea.Journal of Quaternary Science. ISSN 02678179. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.3189
Boolukos, C., Lim, A., Wheeler, A. & Ramsay, R. (2019). Cold-water corals in decline – a temporal (4 year) species abundance and biodiversity appraisal of complete photomosaiced cold-water coral reef on the Irish Margin. Deep-Sea Research Part I,146, 44-54.ISSN:09670637
Conti, L.A, Lim., A. & Wheeler, A.J. (2019). High-resolution mapping of a cold-water coral mound. Nature Scientific Reports,9, 1016
Coughlan, M, Wheeler, A.J., Dorschel, B., Long, M., Doherty, P. & Mörz, T. (2019). Stratigraphic model of the Quaternary sediments of the Western Irish Sea Mud Belt from core, geotechnical and acoustic data. Geomarine Letters
Hogan, R.I., Hopkins, K., Wheeler, A.J., Allcock, A.L. & Yesson, C. (2019). Novel diversity in mitochondrial genomes of deep-sea Pennatulacea (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Octocorallia). Mitochondrial DNA Part A. doi10.1080/24701394.2019.1634699.

Active research grants

Bedrock Target analysis for ROV Rockdrill sampling and existing sample stratigraphic and mineralogical verification 2 (BeTar_Drill2), Petroleum Infrastructure Programme

Advancing Seabed Mapping Techniques for Deep-water Habitat Classification in Submarine Canyons (ASMaT), Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship

Informing and Mapping the Offshore Renewable Environment (I-MORE). Sustainable Energy Ireland Research, Development and Demonstration Funding Programme 2019

Irish Centre for Research into Applied Geosciences Phase 2 (iCRAG2) – SFI Research Centres

Monitoring Microplastics and their AssociatedChemicals and their effects in Irish Deep Water Coral Habitats(Plast_Chem_Dora), Marine Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

Novel Mapping of the Shallow Water INFOMAR Data Set: Towards Ireland’s First Shallow Water Atlas (NoMANS_TIF), Marine Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

Development of a streamlined commercialisation pathway for the Marine Renewable Energy industry (SELKIE) – EU Interreg Ireland-Wales

Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time (iAtlantic) – H2020 programme BG08

Joint Framework for Ocean Noise in the Atlantic Seas (JONAS) – Interreg Atlantic Area

Marine Protected Area Management and Monitoring (MarPAMM) – EU Interreg VA,

Aggregate Potential in Offshore Palaeovalleys (AggrePOP) – SFIiCRAG

Mapping, Modelling and Monitoring Key Processes and Controls on Cold-water Coral Habitats in Submarine Canyons (MMMonKey_Pro)- SFI InvestigatorGrant

Formation of Littoral and Offshore Irish Placer Resources(FLiPER) – SFI iCRAG