Evan O’Mahony

Position: MSc by research 

Email: evanmahony1@gmail.com


Evan O’Mahony is a postgraduate researcher through a Master of Research in University College Cork. He graduated with a BSc in Geology in 2017 from UCC. Evan worked as a geotechnical engineer before he joined iCRAG in July 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Wheeler at University College Cork.


His project, Aggregate potential of Irish south coast offshore palaeovalleys (AggrePOP) aims to delimit and quantify (resource location, thickness and quality) marine aggregate resources off the south coast of Ireland. Adding to this, the project also aims to develop generic models of offshore multiphase palaeovalleys to better predict aggregate occurrences in similar marine realms respectively.

Research cruises

CE19014 – Monitoring Changes in Submarine Canyon Coral Habitats II – Marine geoscientist

CV19023 – De-risking Offshore Wind Energy Development in Irish Waters (Leg 1) – Marine geoscientist

CV19026 – De-risking Offshore Wind Energy Development in Irish Waters  (Leg 2) – Marine geoscientist