Habitat Mapping Projects

Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management = €1.9m to UCC (3.9m overall). Beaufort Marine Research Awards. 2007-2012, Co-proposer.

European Regional Development Fund INTERREG IIIA: “HABitat MAPping for conservation and management of the Southern Irish Sea (HABMAP)”, €94.1k, September 2004 to September 2007, PI

EU 5th Framework Programme: “A System of Hierarchical Monitoring Methods for Assessing Changes in the Biological and Physical State of Intertidal Areas (HIMOM)”, €114.0k (IR£90k), 2002-2005. PI

Statoil (U.K.): “Acquisition of Gravity Cores and Geochemical Analysis of Samples from Northeastern George Bligh Bank”, €60.3k (IR£47.5k) – 2000 Coordinator

Statoil Exploration (Ireland): “Phase II – Seabed Geotechnical and Biogeochemical Survey in the Eastern Rockall Trough”, €52.6k (IR£41.4k) -2000 Coordinator