EirWind is an industry-led, collaborative research project that’s co-designing opportunities for the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resources by using offshore wind as a catalyst for innovation. It utilises the concepts of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) where relevant, including advanced data-analysis, strategic planning, Irish marine and renewable energy policy initiatives and stakeholder management. Research is conducted by five interactive technical work packages, one of which (Work Package 2) is led by researchers in the UCC Marine Geology Research Group. More information is available on the project’s website: https://www.marei.ie/eirwind/#tab-id-1.

Research being conducted by the UCC Marine Geology Research Group in Work Package 2 has two foci:
1. collecting and organising spatial data for efficient and responsible offshore wind energy assessments and site selections; and
2. developing improved models for examining wind energy characteristics and assessing potential developments offshore of Ireland.


Many of the EirWind deliverables will initially be released exclusively to the industry partners who fund the project. However, most findings will also be released as a series of policy briefs and peer-reviewed journal articles. Deliverables include:
1. Data Resources Assessment—Phase 1
2. Field Measurement Plan 1
3. Data Set Release 1
4. Data Resources Assessment—Phase 2
5. Field Measurement Plan 2
6. Data Set Release 2

Group Contributors

Professor Andy Wheeler

Dr Jared Peters


This project is funded by: Brookfield Renewable Ireland, DP Energy Ireland, EDP Renewables, Electricity Supply Board, Enerco Energy, ENGIE, Equinor ASA, Simply Blue Energy, SSE Renewables, and Statkraft Ireland; Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under Grant No 12/RC/2302; and University College Cork, Ireland.