Completed Cold-water Corals

Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas (HERMIONE) – EU FP7, 2009-2012

Mid-Latitude carbonate systems: complete sequences from cold-water coral carbonate mounds in the northeast Atlantic (CARBONATE) – EST EuroCORES, EuroMARC, 2007-2011

Assessment and groundtruthing of seabed survey data with respect to cold-water coral carbonate mounds – conservation and mound research (Coral-InfoMar) – INFOMAR Research Project, 2008

Cold-water CoralCarbonate Mound Development and Continental Margin Dynamics: a contribution to IODP307 (MI-IODP307) – Marine Institute RTDI Strategic Programme. 2006-2007

Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme: Expedition 307 – IODP, 2005-2006,

Current Controls on Carbonate Mounds (CuCoMounds) – IRCSET Embark Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, 2005-2007

Environmental Controls on Mound Formation along the European Margin (ECOMOUND) – EU FP5, 2000-2003

Atlantic Coral Ecosystem Study (ACES) – EU FP5, 2000-2003