Mr Ruaihri Strachan

Position: MSc by research

Email: | Twitter: @Ruaihri

Ruaihri Strachan is a MSc by research student in the UCC Marine Geology Research Group. He has a BSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences, graduating from NUI Galway in 2019.
Ruaihri’s project is focused along Ireland’s continental margin, locating suitable bedrock exposure for ROV core sampling. Through refined deep sea mapping techniques, 3D outcrop modelling, and petrographic analyses, Ruaihri is aiming to update our current knowledge of Ireland’s offshore geology, whilst assessing the functionality and efficiency of novel ROV rockdrilling capabilities. His research aims to bridge the gap between Ireland’s terrestrial geological understanding, and that of its offshore.

Research Cruises
CE19015 – Sensitive Ecosystem Assessment and ROV Exploration of Reef 2019 (Marine Geoscientist).

CE19014 – Monitoring Changes in Submarine Canyon Coral Habitats II (Day Shift Scientist).
CE19009 – Ocean Climate Section (Day Shift Scientist).

William King Medal – Earth and Ocean Sciences, NUI Galway (2019).
Palaeontological Association Undergraduate Prize (2018).

Coverage/ Outreach
Native Scientists Galway – demonstrator for international childrens workshop event (March and May 2019).

Title – The solid geology of East Clare Island, Clew Bay, County Mayo