Cruise Reports



Dates: October 16th- 20th 2019

Info: On board the RV Celtic Voyager, “DOWindy” Leg 2 took place to add to the data collected during Leg 1 (see below).


Dates: September 16th-28th 2019

Info: On board the RV Celtic Voyager, “DO Windy” Leg 1 saw scientists from UCC and MaREI collected geological data from the submerged Irish continental shelf for use in improved offshore wind farm development and site selection models.


Dates: 25th July 2019 – 31st July 2019

Info: On board the RV Celtic Explorer to the Porcupine Bank Canyon, a deep-water coral dominated canyon system.This cruise focused on recovering our eight ‘novel’ lander monitoring systems.


Dates: May 13th-23rd 2019

Info: On board the RV Celtic Explorer to the Porcupine Bank Canuon, a deep-water coral-dominated canyon system. This cruise saw the successful deployment of eight landers along different sites of the PBC.


Cruise Report: CoCoHaCa2

Dates: July-August 2018

Info: On board RV Celtic Explorer to the Porcupine Bank Canyon, a deep-water coral-dominated canyon system. This cruise consisted of high-resolution mapping, regional mapping, water samples and CTD’s, ROV vibro-coring and ROV video and sampling.


Dates: October 17th – 24th 2018

Info: On board RV Celtic Voyager on the continental shelf west and south of Ireland. The two primary goals of the cruise were to (1) de-risk offshore construction aggregate mining south of Ireland and (2) de-risk offshore wind farm development south and west of Ireland. The cruise consisted of multibeam collection, grab samples and vibro-coring.


QuIMPeR_Cruise Report_iCRAG:

Dates: June – August 2017 

Info: On board RV Celtic Voyager to Achill Island, Blacksod Bay and the surrounding areas. This cruise utilised sub-bottom profiler (sparker and pinger), high-resolution multibeam (dual-head EM2040), magnetometer, vibrocores and grab samples to understand sediment exchange dynamics and characterise surface and near-surface heavy mineral distribution, abundance and composition. 

Cruise Report: CoCoHaCa I 2017: 

Dates: May – June 2017

Info: On board ILV Granuaile and the Holland 1 ROV to the Porcupine Bank Canyon. This cruise includes ROV video investigation of a range of habitats within the Porcupine Bank Canyon, ROV-mounted vibro-coring and ROV-mounted rock drilling.

GESS Cruise Report CV17013

Dates: 28th March to 13th April 2017

Info: On board the RV Celtic Voyager, the aim of this survey was to collect geophysical acoustic data in the Irish sector of the Irish Sea and the Northern Celtic Sea. The survey carried out during this cruise contributes to three iCRAG projects; 1) QuSiSS, AggrePOP and fLIPeR.


Cruise report_QuERCi II: 

Dates: May 2016

Info: On board RV Celtic Explorer with the Holland 1 ROV to the Porcupine Bank Canyon. This survey was a follow up to the QuERCi survey from 2015 which investigated cold-water coral mounds. This was an investigation of the southern lip of the Porcupine Bank Canyon.


Cruise report QuERCi I 2015 :

Dates: June – July 2015

Info: With RV Celtic Explorer and the Holland 1 ROV to the Moira Mounds and the Porcupine Bank Canyon cold water coral habitats. This cruise includes acquisition of ROV-mounted and hull-mounted multibeam and ROV video and sampling from both sites. Click link to download cruise report.


West of Ireland Coring Programme (WICPro) Cruise Report CE14014:

Dates: 6th  to 18th March

Info: This survey focussed on the provision of core material from several survey areas on the Irish western shelf and margin in support of differing research objectives. It represents a coming together of several Irish university research groups, and international collaborators, around a common purpose.

Cruise Report Atlantic Summer School:

Dates: 11th – 17th September

Info: On board the RV Celtic Explorer to the Belgica Mound Province. This survey provided a platform for young researchers to gain experience conducting a multidisciplinary investigation of cold water coral (CWC) ecosystems. This encompassed oceanography, geology, acoustics, benthic faunal sampling and video acquisition.

GOST_Cruise report_final

Dates: 10th to 17th January 2014

Info: GOST – Geo technical, shallow seismic cruise. On board the RV Celtic Explorer, in situ Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu) was performed to ground truth previously collected seismic date from the survey CE13003. This cruise collaborated with MARUM (University of Bremen), and focused on the North-Western Mudbelt are of the Irish Sea.



EUROFLEETS_cruise report_Belgica12.16

Dates: 2nd – 7th June 2012

Info: This research cruise was performed in the Moira Mounds area, located in the Belgica Mound Province. The main objective of this cruise was to collect seafloor and seawater samples in order to comprehend the mechanisms that trigger the nucleation of cold-water coral mounds.


CE11009 VENTuRE survey cruise report:

Dates: 11th July- 4th August 2011

Info: This survey focuses  on two distinct deep-water bio geological systems that have received significant attention being recognised as biological “hot spots”. These are hydrothermal vents (-3000 m, 45°N mid Atlantic ridge) and  cold‐water  coral  reefs (-900 m, Moira Mounds, Belgica Mound Province).  Principally an exploration survey, this cruise utilised CTD, ROV video, ROV multibeam and seabed sampling.


ISMA Cruise Report:

Dates: 28th September- 18th October 2009

Info: The Irish Sea Marine Assessment (ISMA) is a collaborative research survey undertaken by University College Cork, the INFOMAR programme and Gaelectric Developments Ltd. Its purpose is to produce integrated seabed and sub-seabed mapping products to assist understanding of the seabed specifically for the development of offshore renewable energy resources.