Welcome to the Marine Geosciences Research Group

in University College Cork!

We are a diverse group of researchers who have a common focus on spatial and temporal marine science. Our current research areas encapsulate Quaternary to recent sediments from the continental margin and shelf to coastal environments and have previously worked on mid-ocean ridge settings.
With expertise in seabed mapping, sedimentology and shallow seismic, the group has developed a number of research areas on cold-water coral mounds (habitat mapping, sediment transport, processes, development and palaeoarchives), Quaternary stratigraphy and sedimentology (Irish Sea and North Sea).

The MGRG also carry out applied research on heavy mineral sands and offshore wind energy (Irish coast and shelf).

For more information on the group’s research areas, browse through the project tab.


  • 8 deep water mini-lander systems (with current profilers and 360 degree benthic sediment traps)
  • Portable Side Scan Sonar (450 kHz)
  • Malvern Mastersizer 3000
  • Sieve stacks and sediment lab
  • Wilfley table
  • Core storage
  • GIS lab
  • Geomicroscopy lab
  • Full seabed mapping processing and visualization suite (Fledermaus Chimera, Kingdom, ArcGIS, Agisoft pro)
  • Sediment lab

Current Funders