Minister John Halligan visits the school of BEES

We had a busy morning today with a visit from Minister John Halligan to the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences taking place. Minister Halligan is the Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation and Research and Development.

We were fortunate enough to present our SFI Investigator Award Project on Cold-Water corals to the Minister during his visit.

Our showcase for Minister John Halligan 

Our set up (pictured above) showcased several aspects of the project such as; the HD video coverage and 3D mosaics of the cold water coral mounds along the Porcupine Bank Canyon, samples of coral species that highlight the biological aspect of the project, a monitor displaying the vibro-coring and CT scanning of the cores that we collect during our time offshore and some of our new equipment that will be deployed next year!

Dr Aaron Lim represented the group and guided Minister Halligan around our showcase and highlighted the applied research aspect of the project.

Dr Aaron Lim (right) and Professor Andy Wheeler (left) pictured showing Minister Halligan the core display. 

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